Inputs to FastPCR

The software contains the menus, the toolbars, and the ribbon and three text editors.
The ribbon is designed to the help user quickly find the commands that are needed to complete a task. Commands are organised in logical groups, which are collected together under tabs. Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as PCR Primer Design, in silico PCR, or Primer Test.


Getting started with a basic project in FastPCR software is as easy as opening a new or existing file then using copy-paste or starting to type.
Two first text editors are equally reading any sequence formats, but general editor designed for working with all sequence(s); additional editor use for predesigned primer(s) or sequence(s).

Import sequences from a clipboard with keyboard (Shit-Insert or Ctrl-V) and right-click mouse displays a contextual menu.
There are three independent text editors on different tabs within the interface:
General sequence(s), Additional sequence(s) or pre-designed primers (probes) list, and Result report.
The first two text editors are necessary for loading sequences for analysis, the text editor "General sequence(s)" is designed for working with the project sequences, and the Additional sequence(s) or pre-designed primers (probes) list text editor is used for special and additional sequences such as predesigned primers, multiple query sequences or numbers for input.

The result will appear in status bar and press F5.